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Friday, July 3, 2015


Hillsdale City Attorney Lew Loren has tendered his resignation.

In a letter to Mayor Scott Sessions dated June 30th, Loren writes that he is retiring from the practice of law.

"I have been in the process of closing my law practice for some time now," the letter states, "and this process has reached the point that it is now necessary for me to terminate my legal relationship with the city."

The letter gives an effective resignation date of August 15th, 2015, but Loren adds that he will step down if his successor is appointed before then.

Loren's resignation letter is contained within the agenda packet for the upcoming regular City Council meeting.

Also included in the packet is an e-mail from Loren to Sessions, forwarded within an e-mail from Sessions to City Clerk Michelle Loren, detailing the responsibilities for finding a new legal counsel for the city as according to the city charter.

In the forward, City Attorney Loren points to Section 4.9 of the charter which states that the Mayor shall appoint the City Attorney with the approval of the Council, implying that council participation is necessary in the selection process.  He goes on to say that Section 4.14 "specifically states that the Mayor and Council shall appoint a City Attorney for an indefinite period to [sic] shall serve at their pleasure."

The attorney concludes that the selection process could be referred to the city's Operation and Governance Committee, which he says is the only standing committee that "seems to fit."  He goes to say that the council could also form a special committee, or the issue could be referred to the council itself acting as a committee of the whole.

In the message from Mayor Sessions to City Clerk Loren, Sessions asks the clerk to include in the agenda packet his recommendation that the matter be referred to the City Council as a committee of the whole.

The matter will be discussed at the City Council meeting on Monday night, July 6th at 7:00 PM in the Council Chamber at Hillsdale City Hall.

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