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I, Josh Colletta, don't think like most people. This is not to say that I don't have common sense. However, common sense has become so common and so diluted that it is no longer sensical. Therefore, I present to you UNCOMMON sense: a look at the world through the eyes of someone who thinks for himself. It's a scary thought, individuality. Enjoy! Quotes



Pruitt and the gang NAILED it!

Even better, these lines are the smack in the face this community has needed for some time now:

We aren't saying we don't support this effort. What we are saying is that we need to have a new attitude, a new motivation that sets our eyes on the future. We have to be different, unique to make ourselves heard above the din.

That means some people will have to change their attitudes about Hillsdale College, Hillsdale Academy and the Hillsdale Community Health Center. Whatever wrong you may think they have done to the city, you will have to let go in your heart. We can't go back, only forward. These entities are great resources for the city and magnets for growth. We need them to be on board and we need to use them as a springboard for this marketing effort.

It's about time someone said it!


My Second-Favorite Air Force is Making Me Very Happy.

You've just gotta love the pair the IAF has on 'em… they blow "a great hole in the desert" and leave their calling card, almost as if to say, "Yeah, I did it.  Come at me!" Go Israel!  Kick their ass and turn the desert to glass, I say!



SOUTHWEST 33 (1-0)
NORTHWEST 21 (0-1)

I wish I had been there to see the 100-yard interception run and touchdown .  Seeing it would have made up for three solid years of nothing but losing home games... and most away games.

By the way, a word to the Greensboro News & Fishwrap: I know everyone except Southwest hates Southwest with a passion (and even a good chunk of Southwest is self-loathing), but for the sake of those of us who actually care, put more photos of the WINNING team up on your website next time.  I know your photog took them.  I know many professional media photographers and I know they wouldn't take just SIX photos of the game, half of which had nothing to do with Southwest other than the fact that they featured the coach, cheerleaders and crowd belonging to the team Southwest played.  I also know you have the server capacity to host many more than just six photos of ANY game that happened this weekend.  A little more effort would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.


Bullshit alone sickens me, but bullshit that harms an innocent person like THIS is enough to ENRAGE ME!!!

Let's think about this story for a few minutes here.

A young girl is mentally disabled.  Supposedly she'll never mentally develop past the age of a baby or small child (though that diagnosis could very well have been wrong, but we won't ever know that now).

Her parents have a controversial (and in my view, just plain wrong in this situation) procedure performed on her to stunt her growth.

They claim they did this out of compassion, not convenience, as the story says.  But then they post this on their blog:

"Ashley's smaller and lighter size makes it more possible to include her in the typical family life and activities that provide her with needed comfort, closeness, security and love: meal time, car trips, touch, snuggles, etc."

Outright lies sicken me, but lies of contradiction PISS ME OFF!


The key is the phrase "makes it more possible."  Is it more difficult to include a grown person who's developmentally disabled in family activities?  Yes.  Is it impossible?  Absolutely NOT.  Is it worth it?  YOU BET YOUR ASS IT IS!


tell me personally that I don't know what I'm talking about.  I have a cousin with Down syndrome, and while his mental capacity is well beyond that of an infant's, we as a family would never change him or force him to be something he's not simply because it might be more convenient for us.  He has a handicap.  We all understand that.  We work with him to include him in ways he's capable of handling.

I don't care if Ashley will never mature mentally past a certain age; that's no excuse to stunt her growth to match that age!  If she ages physically but not mentally, tough shit if you feel you're inconvenienced by that.   You work to live with her no matter what because you love her.  The fact that these people would even consider doing this to a poor child like her makes me doubt they truly love her at all.

It's parents like these two who should never have procreated in the first place.  If they weren't prepared to love their child without condition, they shouldn't have had children.  Makes me want to travel to Washington and punch them both right in the head.  They appall me.


The Assfucks That Did This Deserve A WORSE DEATH!

I AM SICK AND TIRED OF THIS SHIT!!! And people are honestly asking why we need to stay over there?! If the Iraqi people can't handle the fucking unhuman pieces of trash who do things like this, WE NEED TO BE THERE TO HELP THEM!

I hope the people who stoned this poor, innocent young girl are tortured and brutally and painfully murdered. I have no pity on them. None whatsoever. They can rot in the deepest bowels of Hell.


Spam spam spam spam spam spam spam baked beans spam spam spam and spam!

"Spam Spam Spam Spam!  Lovely Spam, wonderful Spam!"  I got this, presumably through my public e-mail address (since it most resembles my public address), this afternoon and couldn't help but laugh before I even clicked on it to scrutinize it.  I use Gmail (Google's mail service), and it gives me a brief glimpse of the text in an e-mail message before I open it, a feature which allowed me to find the first two spelling/grammatical errors... and burst out laughing.  I'm posting this here more for your amusement than safety.  The e-mail is titled "Bank of America protection I.A.C."  That was the first tip-off... I don't have a Bank of America account, I've never had a Bank of America account, and none of the banks I've ever done business with have merged with Bank of America (I happen to know this as a fact).

Dear Customer, josh.shields.

That's not my name.

You are receiving this message, due to you protection, Our Online Technical Security Service Foreign IP Spy recently detected that your online account was recently logged on from am [IP Address] without am International Access Code (I.A.C) and from an unregistered computer, which was not verified by the Our Online Service Department.

Just by the grammar alone, it couldn't be any more obvious that this is a phishing attempt.  In any event, the spammer went well out of their way to make this sound official, and in doing so, made it quite obviously unofficial.  "Online Technical Security Service Foreign IP Spy"?  Forgoing the perfectly logical question "why not just say 'our records show'," my first question is thus: isn't "Online Technical" a little redundant?  If it's online, obviously it's technical, unless they, like a certain Congresscritter, think the Internet is a "series of tubes."  And as for the term "Foreign IP Spy," this message is being sent to an address that doesn't exist (I get these every once in a while when Google thinks the address is close enough to my own), so if they don't even know that the address they're sending the message to doesn't exist, it's pretty safe to say they don't know what country I live in.  Therefore, I could very well live in the part of the world that the IP address they noted is registered to (which happens to be London, England, in case you're wondering), and they wouldn't know if I live there or not.  Of course I don't, but they wouldn't know that.  In addition, even if they did know that, they would not outright give me the IP address of whomever attempted to log in to my account, as that would be a security risk to someone who may have accidentally attempted to access my non-existent account in an effort to access their own ( i.e. if their account access information were a few mistyped characters away from mine), and therefore would be a liability to the bank if I were to attempt to hack into the computer that IP address is assigned to.  Given that the spammer is obviously too stupid to realize that's a definite possibility, I'd bet that IP address leads right to the computer running their spambot... either that or the phishing site where you're supposed to enter your information for "security purposes" (though I wouldn't know... I didn't follow it because of the obvious security risks that would subject me to).

If you last logged in you online account on Thursday April 5th 2007, by the time 6:45 pm from an Foreign Ip their is no need for you to panic, but if you did log in your account on the above Date and Time, kindly take 2-3 minute of your online banking experince to verify and register your computer now to avoid identity theft, your protection is our future medal.

"Your protection is our future medal"?  What was that supposed to mean?  Perhaps "your protection is our goal"?  I can kind of see the connection there... you can win a medal for reaching a certain goal in athletic events... but that's a real stretch.  Secondly, they state that if you logged in at such-and-such a time and date from "an Foreign Ip" (this was obviously done by someone who does not speak English well at all), don't panic (which quite obviously isn't how a bank would phrase such a statement), but then they say "but if you did," so apparently the spammer doesn't understand the difference between "did" and "didn't."  And again, as one should always remember (and as any financial institution or online retailer will tell you), no legitimate business will ever ask you for your account information through e-mail, nor will they direct you to a web page on which to "verify" sensitive information.

Verification Link

I removed the actual link for everyone's safety.  But again, if this e-mail had actually been official, the bank probably would have included the link in the text, not separately (although it's possible they might have a direct URL to copy and paste for those using browsers and e-mail programs that don't support linking in-text, but that's pretty uncommon these days).  This e-mail didn't include either, it just had a separate in-text link that said "Verification Link," most likely to hide the URL so that you don't immediately realize it's a fake, though if you're reading it in a browser like I do and you have the status bar turned on at the bottom of the window, you can see the URL when you hover over the link anyway.

Notice: You can acess your account from a foreign IP or country by getting am (I.A.C) International Access Code, by contacting our local brances close to you.

Again, atrocious spelling and grammar.  Of course, given the state of language skills among the masses today, I'd actually be surprised if the majority of the people who receive this e-mail even notice how poorly written it is.

And now for something completely different: a Scotsman on a horse.


Back In The U.S.S.R.... AGAIN.

From this story:

Putin told Czech President Vaclav Klaus at a Kremlin meeting that the proposed missile shield would be used to track Russian military activities.

 Why is he all of a sudden worried about that?  Aren't they supposed to be our allies?  What could they possibly want to hide from us?

I bet I know...

Speaking at a news conference with Klaus, Putin compared the missile shield plan with the deployment of U.S. Pershing-2 missiles in Western Europe in the early 1980s, which triggered a bitter diplomatic crisis in the final years of the Cold War.

What, so we're back in the Cold War now?

Let's be honest here: the Cold War never ended.  Yes Reagan toppled the Evil Empire and democracy spread to Russia.  No one's doubting that.  But there are still forces, very strong forces in Russia that would have liked to have kept that from happening... and the scary thing is, they're quickly regaining their power.

Does anyone doubt the KGB still exists?  I certainly don't.  The former agents being poisoned in Europe certainly proved it to me.  That string of attempted, and at least once successful, murders had KGB written all over them.  And we already know Putin had KGB ties.  Hell, the man has KGB roots.  If the organization is still active, and there's no doubt in my mind they are, he knows it.  Whether or not he's involved has yet to be seen, but if they're taking action on anything, something tells me Putin certainly wouldn't call them out on it, even if he wanted to.

His own political maneuvers of late have been a bit shady... taking forceful action against critics, consolidating governmental and economic power and using rhetoric that recalls images of the Soviet era (such as the latest mention in his last state of the union speech of abandoning the Conventional Forces in Europe treaty).  He's stoking the fires of nationalism again, too, with statements that are intended to unify Russia under a new national identity... not that there would normally be anything wrong with that, but given everything else and that the KGB seems to be coming back into play, it makes you wonder just where he plans on going with all of this.  I, unfortunately, have come to the conclusion that we're looking at the resurgence of Red Russia.  Just what we need, right?

When you couple all of this with the accusations floating around that Russia is selling technology to Iran, it becomes pretty clear, if one assumes that's all true, that Russia being our ally is most definitely a conflict of their interests (and, subsequently, our own).  Ask yourself: which partnership are they making more money on?  On the one hand, you have us.  We're fighting a war on two fronts at the moment.  We're asking for help, which involves a lot of money spent.  On the other hand, you have Iran, whose leader is clearly bent on establishing a global khalifate and is in search of any and every weapon with which to accomplish that goal and is willing to pay craploads of money for it.  And, honestly, only a damned fool (and I truly mean damned fool) would believe that they're using their nuclear technology for energy.  They're sitting on top of the world's largest supply of oil, and somehow President Tom doesn't come across to me as a go-green anti-pollution energy-conserving hippie.  If they really wanted energy, they'd ask Russia for the technology to refine the oil they have, not nuclear technology.  In addition, Iran, due to their "Mission From Allah (TM)," has absolutely no problem giving any weapons they have to the insurgents in Iraq.  We've already proven that.  So let's follow the supply chain here:

Russia -> Iran -> Terrorists

Pretty obvious, isn't it?  So I'll give you three guesses what it is Putin is afraid of us finding.



Whoop, hold that thought.  Thought I just saw a mushroom cloud on the horizon.


The Trouble With Islam

'It th' nail on th' 'ead wi' that one, 'e did!

Any Broadcaster's Worst Nightmare

This is why, after I set up any console, I tell everyone working around it DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING.

WARNING: explicit language.  Not (necessarily) safe for work.



If the jackballs on the Copyright Royalty Board (and the RIAA behind them) aren't reigned in soon, the radio industry... ALL OF IT... is doomed. 

Today the CRB determined that the arguments Clear Channel, NPR and the webcasters recently brought before them (after the initial webcasting rates ruling that proved just how much the RIAA wanted to screw us all over) didn't present any new evidence and, therefore, determined a re-hearing was unnecessary.  Which, as we all know, is complete and total bullshit.

More on the story here, here and here.

Write.  Call.  Flood your Congresscritters' fax lines and mailboxes with letters telling them in no uncertain terms you want this overturned NOW.  This has already gone too far, there's no good reason to let this pass any further without your attention.